8 things to know when re-selling your designer bags online

The Blonde Salad
05 April 2016

1. Check what other bags have sold for 
When you're finding it hard to determine your price, then do have a look at the asking price of similar bags. When you can't find your bag on our platform, check the completed sales section on eBay. There's a big chance you'll find your bag here. 

2. If you payed a fortune, it doesn't mean you'll get a fortune back
Do try to have realistic expectations when it comes to the worth of your bag. If the bag has been worn many times, shows signs of wear or if the style feels dated, try to determine a fair price. Because what you paid for it when it was fresh and new, isn't going to persuade buyers to fork over more money. If a bag's recent resales are all priced below your desired asking price, it's best to keep the bag and wait till the style becomes popular again. 



3. Know your resale platform
Most resale platform ask for a big percentage of your profits. It would be a shame to lose up to 50% percent on your resale value. At Designer-Vintage you can sell your bag without having to pay any commission. Another advantage of Designer-vintage is that it only sells designer items. Unlike websites like Ebay, Designer-Vintage attracts a very specific group of global buyers who are willing to pay the high price of Designer-items and won't expect a major discount just because the bag is pre-owned.

4. Photograph your bag carefully
When it comes to pre-owned bags, it is vital that your customers know the exact condition of the bag.. Therefore, it's important to never use stock images, blurry photos or photos that are too small in size. Perfect looking images are the key to a quick sale. For the best results, position the bag near a source of natural light with a neutral (white) background and make sure it's well-focused. 



5. Provide buyers with proof 
Every high-end brand has authenticity signifiers that experienced shoppers look for when buying on the resale market. These signifiers are often stitching, zipper pulls, date codes, serial numbers or handle attachments. Try to provide detailed pictures of the authenticity signifiers to relieve the buyer of any doubts. If you're not sure which details might be the most important for the bag you'd like to sell, do send us an e-mail with your questions.

6. Construct your description carefully 
Provide buyers with detailed information about the bag. It is important to know if you still have the receipt, in which year you bought the bag, its exact color, measurements and most importantly the condition. If the bag has any marks and signs of wear this should be mentioned clearly in the description, otherwise the buyer might be disappointed when reiceiving your bag. 





7. Good communication 
Good communication is vital and makes the buyer feel extra secure and comfortable about the purchase. Try to provide them with any requested images, answer questions in a timely manner and ship the bag as soon as possible.

8. Secure transfer
It's worth it to invest an additional sum for insurance and signature confirmation because you never know what might go wrong in shipping. After you send your bag to the buyer, provide them with the track and trace code so they can trace the package.