8 things you didn't know about Hermès

08 December 2015

1. The name Hermès
Thierry Hermès founded the house which he gave his family name, but the name Hermès itself derives from the Greek god of messengers and commerce.

2. The House of Hermès
Did you know that the House of Hermès was founded 177 years ago? Hermès started out as a harness and saddle maker

3. Stocks
You can find 317 exclusive Hermès boutiques all over the world.

4. Early adopters 
In 2001 Hermès launched an e-commerce website and was one of the first luxury brands to do so.

5. The Kelly and Birkin.
The famous Kelly and Birkin bags are named after Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin, respectively.

6. The iconic orange boxes
The first Hermès boxes were cream colored with a gilded edge. After the cream colored boxes, came a box in mustard color with a brown edge. After the Second World War the boxes were changed to orange because of a shortage in material.

7. The scarf
To make 1000 Hermès carrès, you'll need a length of thread that equals the distance between the Moon and the Earth!

8. Bookstore
The Hermès boutique on Rue de Sèvres in Paris, has a bookstore and a café instore!