8 things you didn't know about Louis Vuitton

31 December 2015

1. Personal box-maker
In 1852, Louis Vuitton was a personal box-maker for Napoleon’s wife! While his reputation with the elite was growing he seized the opportunity and made history with his famous Louis Vuitton Luggage. 

2. The largest LV boutique
The largest Louis Vuitton store is situated on the 101 avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris. The store has a 1,800 square meters of space filled with couture, Prêt-à-Porter and accessories.

3. No borders 
Do you know that Louis Vuitton has five boutiques in Nevada? In the same city and on the same street! 

4. Give aways
The House of Louis Vuitton is known to treat press relations, bloggers and celebrities to the most gorgeous Louis Vuitton bags, even before they've hit the runway! Where can we sign up?

5. Famous Speedy
The Speedy bag was launched in 1930, but it wasn't until the sixties that it gained worldwide fame when Audrey Hepbur requested a small custom-made Speedy.

6. The Alma Bag
The classic Alma bag is one of the most popular bags of the fashion house. Did you know that even Gabrielle Chanel herself carried an Alma? It was the only bag she ever favored, besides her own creations. 

7. Testing the bags
All the Louis Vuitton bags are thoroughly tested to ensure durability and user-friendliness. Did you know that the bags are filled with 3,5 kilograms and are then dropped by a machine, again and again, for a total of four days? After this crazy procedure, the zipper will be opened and closed 5000 times! And if that isn’t enough, the bag will get a full ultraviolet treatment to ensure its resistance to fading.

8. Throw it away
The pieces that aren't sold are offered to Louis Vuitton employees. Any remaining bags are then sent back to the factory in France and will be shredded or burned! What a waste right?