9 Reasons why every woman deserves a designer bag

Viva Luxury
27 September 2016

As women we try to juggle a lot in our lives. A career, motherhood, sports, a social life, the list seems endless at times. So we definitely believe we should treat ourselves from time to time. Whether that's a relaxing day with a good book and some tea or the designer bag you've been eyeing for years. But even though we don't really need an excuse, we've conjured up a lighthearted list filled with 9 reasons why every woman deserves a designer bag.

  1. Collect them all! 
    Men are hunters and women are gatherers, a globally known fact. That's why woman love collecting so much, it's all in our nature. You could easily collect wine or gadgets, but why not shift your focus to designer handbags? First of all, bags are very functional. Secondly, your investment will prove a wise one as the years go by.
  2. Smart investments 
    Let's get to this idea of bags as an investment. First of all, designer bags are made from such high quality materials, that they can easily survive decades, so you can give your bag away as a heirloom to your daughters and granddaughters. Therefore the bag can be enjoyed and worn to its maximum. If you buy Chanel or Hermès bag, you're talking about a real investment, as the value of these bags only increases over the years. If you consider selling your bag, the resale value can be extremely high. 
  3. Because I'm happy 
    A recent study has shown that luxury goods improve your mood. Scientists state that luxury purchases have a positive impact on the perception of someone's own well-being. 


  4. Let's celebrate 
    We could name so many special occasions, where it would be perfectly appropriate to purchase a designer bag. You're either graduated, single, in a relationship, moved to a new place, got your drivers licence, lost weight or it's the birthday of the cousin of your sisters neighbour. All very good reasons to finally buy a designer bag.
  5. Outfit upgrade 
    A designer bag makes every outfit fabulous. You could wear your most slouchy outfit with a Chanel 2.55 bag and it would still look incredibly stylish. An instant outfit upgrade. 
  6. Best friends forever 
    A handbag is a woman's best companion, in good and bad times. A bag will never judge you for eating one macaroon to many and will always be there when facing an difficult job interview.


  7. Love at first sight 
    A gorgeous shape, that perfect hardware and the smell of the beautiful handcrafted leather, the feeling that you get when spotting a bag for the first time. That's love at first sight. We wouldn't want you to miss out on this feeling.
  8. Motherhood 
    What better way to prepare for (future) motherhood, than buying a designer-bag. You need to take good care of your bag, protect her against rain, any damage and ofcourse prevent robbery. She needs some TLC from time to time and you always carefully watch where you place her during your weekly coffee dates. Next to being your best friend, she's also your child sometimes. 
  9. Who runs the world? You!
    You're an incredible woman, who works hard and does need a reward from time to time. If you're absolutely sure you want one and you've saved up some money, please buy one. Whether it's a new bag or a vintage bag, you'll never regret a purchase like this.