To all Chanel lovers: Test your knowledge about the Chanel Flap Bag

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07 January 2019

Chanel’s famous bag is most definitely the Flap Bag. The Flap Bag was created in 1955 and it is still extremely popular! It is a great investment because Chanel bags tend to hold their value for years. Chanel is also known for its price increases. The Flap Bag comes in many different sizes, colors and variations. In this article we will tell you some extra details about this iconic Flap Bag!

1. How the Flap Bag was born
Coco Chanel loved clutches! But at one moment, she added a strap to the clutch, because she was fed up with carrying her purse in her hands all the time. That’s when the first Chanel Flap Bag was born. She created this design in 1920. This design, however, is not the design we are so in love with today. Coco Chanel altered her design during her post-war comeback. Karl Lagerfeld, then again, reissued the bag in the early 2000s and since then, the popularity has increased even more!

2. The Flap Bag comes in many variations
The Flap Bag is available in 7 different sizes. From small to large, these are the sizes available: Extra Mini, Mini Rectangular, Mini Square, Small, Medium, Jumbo, and Maxi. When you’ve finally made the decision about the size, then there are the different colours. The permanent colours Chanel uses are black and beige. Common colours are colours such as pink, navy, red and white. Lastly, Chanel uses different types of leathers and materials. Some of the most popular leathers/materials are: Caviar Leather, Patent Leather, Velvet and Alligator.

3. The Hidden Zipper had a special purpose
Under the flap of a Chanel Flap Bag, you will find a little zipper. It is sort of hidden and super small. You might think this is just a small detail. But the story goes, that Coco Chanel designed this on purpose. At that time, she was having an affair. She was receiving love letters from her lover and had to hide it. So Coco Chanel put her love letters in that particular secret spot.

4. The first Chanel Flap Bag was way cheaper
The first Chanel Flap Bag in 1955 had a price tag of only $220 dollar (!). This amount had already increased to $1150 dollar in 1990. This again, jumped to an amount of $4400 dollar in 2013. The current price for a classic medium Flap Bag is $5500 dollar. Chanel is known for its price increases. The price always goes up, but they never decrease. So if you want to buy a Chanel Flap Bag, you should do it as soon as possible!


5. Which leather is the smartest choice
As mentioned earlier, the Chanel Flap Bag is made in 9 different types of leather. Still indecisive about which leather you should choose? Very understandable, but we’re here to make it easier. The caviar leather is probably the best leather out there! You can compare the Chanel caviar leather with the Louis Vuitton monogram canvas. It is basically indestructible and thus, a huge plus for a bag that’s such an investment!

6. The straps come in two varieties
Chanel designed the original shoulder straps with just the chains. The straps were inspired by the caretakers with whom she grew up with. The caretakers wore keys that were attached on chains similar to those of the classic Flap Bag. When Karl Lagerfeld reissued the bag, he added a leather strap to the chains. So this is how you can differentiate the two different bags.

7. Most popular bag ever
Out of all the Chanel designs ever made, the Flap Bag is (and probably will stay) the most iconic and popular Chanel bag ever! The popularity rate is still increasing every year and this gem is seen as the best investment possibly made within the fashion industry. The design is timeless and will probably never go out of style so it’s not shocking that this classic bag is the most popular ever made!

8. Chanel Flap Bag vs Chanel 2.55
Many people find it difficult to determine which bag is the Flap Bag and which one is the 2.55. So to make it easier, we will tell you one detail in which the bags differ the most! The lock is the one detail that determines whether you are looking for a Flap Bag or a 2.55. Coco Chanel herself designed the 2.55 Chanel Bag. This design has a rectangular, turn-lock closure. When Karl Lagerfeld started working at Chanel, he designed the new lock featured on the Flap Bags. This lock is known for the interlocking CC’s.


9. Inspiration for the leather
Coco Chanel loved riding horses as a young girl. Many think that’s where the quilted leather is from. Back in the days, quilted materials were only worn by men working in the stables. Nowadays, everyone links quilted materials with Chanel.

10. The It-Bag is available in almost every desired design
Because the bag is the most popular of all, it was never discontinued. Together with the 2.55 and the Reissue Bag. So every year, a new line of Flap Bags is issued! There are a lot of limited editions and of course, the basic design in black or beige. As these two colours are the permanent colours used by Chanel.