All you need to know about the Louis Vuitton Trunk-inspired iPhone case

29 October 2016

In case you have been off the grid and haven't heard the news, Louis Vuitton will be releasing a new type of phone case, resembling the iconic Trunk! The Internet is going crazy over this particular phone case and who can blame the flocks of Louis Vuitton-fans. There hasn't been much informstion released so far, however, we've managed to collect some ins and outs on the new It-piece. 

Petite Copy 
We finally have a name for the super-hyped item: Louis Vuitton Etui iPhone 7 Case. The case is designed by creative director Nicolas Ghesquière and looks like a tinier version of the Petite Malle, the first bag that Ghesquiere every released for the brand. The Petite Malle is ofcourse a miniature version of one the biggest heritage pieces from the fashion house, the Trunk. The etui case shares the same shape, trim and lock as the Trunk. The cases come in a lot of varieties, next to the Mongram canvas it will be released in crocodile leather. Another little addition is the clochette, which can keep your wireless earbuds safe. Looks like Louis Vuitton wants to offer the same experience for its phone cases as it does for its bags. Go Louis Vuitton!


The perfect Christmas present? 
The cases will be available for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and for all that is known, both sizes will be available in all the different designs and leathers. We're not entirely sure about the prices, but we do have a strong indication. The canvas cases will cost €800 and €859 for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The crocodile cases will be around €3500 for the 7 and €3800 for the 7 Plus. Unfortunately, the release date is still unsure. However, there are a few speculations going around the Internet. Some spoke of a release date as soon as November, others mentioned January. We're really hoping that it's November, because we couldn't imagine a more desirable Christmas gift. 

This is not a drill 
Pre-cautions need to be taken, so if you want to become one of the lucky owners, we do suggest that you contact the local LV store. Make a pre-order, so you'll be sure you get your hands on a case. Because of it's popularity, we guess that it will be in high demand and there will probably be a waiting list.