AmandaOnBeauty: Beauty no go's to take by heart

12 August 2016

As with fashion we can all make make-up mistakes. Make-up trends are nice to keep up with, but in the end it’s all a question of harmonizing with your natural complexion. Runway models might have (nearly) invisible eyebrows or fierce metallic blusher, but in the real world it might not be something to live by. Here are a few tips to what to avoid if you don’t want to look like a (make-up) victim.

If make-up matches your clothes you will look like someone who thinks too hard, and you really shouldn’t. Look for something complementing instead by focussing on perfectly shaped brows, lushes lashes, a lip color that brightens up your face and Flawless looking skin instead. 


When it comes to brows, never over pluck as you will have to fill in too much blancs making them look unnatural. One of my favourite natural looking wax pencils of the moment are by The BrowGal. They come with a build in sharpener and are easy to use. As eyes are the window to your soul you will want to have them looking their best on a daily basis. One of my favourite brands in their game are by Laura Mercier, Make-up studio and By Terry. 


When it comes to Flawless looking skin, keep it French and elegant with an “je ne sais quoi” aura around you. Reacht out for a great primer like the Strobe-It cream by make-up studio or a waterbased version by Laura Mercier. Use a BB or CC cream on the places that need it the most. Add a little creamy concealer to fade away any under eye color differences and set a great setting powder.

If you, like me, produce enough shine to guide ships through fog, go get a good one. I cannot recommend it highly enough from which Laura Mercier’s translucent powder is one of the best. Let’s keep our grease where we want it this summer. On top of a pizza… YOLO :)

I'll be taking you on a monthly beauty journey to get you in Flawless Face shape and to guide you into achieving a perfect "from coffee to cocktails" flawless yet colourful face outfit. 
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