AmandaOnBeauty: The mirror of health

07 May 2016

It is amazing how quickly the state of your health will show up on your skin. Skin is the mirror of health.

Tip 1: exercise
Take working out for instance. Your skin will never be at its best if you don’t get any exercise. A good workout increases your heartbeat and therefore your circulation that helps to clean your skin from the inside.

Tip 2: plenty of water
And what about simple things as drinking plenty of water. When your skin loses water it becomes dry and tight. You feel as if you are wearing a dress that is a size too small. One of the questions that I receive on a regular basis is what I use for my skin as it always looks radiant. Next to the mentioned above I thoroughly clean my face a night. Even if I haven’t been wearing make-up that day. It should be one the most important rituals of the day. Not only because it will make you look better but also because it’s relaxing, it releases any kind of tension and makes you feel serene.


Tip 3: skincare
Recently I was introduced to the Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam from Estee Lauder (€ 33,-). This formula transforms into a soft airy foam that removes even the most stubborn make-up leaving my skin feeling soft and refreshed. The cleansing foam works especially well in combination with the mask and serum from the same beauty line. Used as a trio they support the natural synchronization of the skin’s natural repair process.

On a side note: as part of your cleansing ritual in the evening, be certain to remove all eye make-up. Leaving on a residue of mascara will dry out your lashes and make them brittle. 

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