AmandaOnBeauty: Outrageous perfumes by Diana Vreeland

30 July 2016

Diana Vreeland started in 1936 when she became a fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar. She established herself as a controversial visionary who had an ability to invent and discover fashion ideas, designers, personalities and photographers. She wasn’t only responsible for the fashion look of the magazine but for fashion of the time. An influential with the designers, very important in their choice of color and mood. At the time Bazaar was a complete reflection of her taste.

She loved Opium and Chanel no. 5
Next to that she was a memorable writer, a daring perfume lover of for example Opium and Chanel no. 5. When it comes to fragrances and layering she wasn’t afraid to go all the way. Using a hypodermic needle to object fragrance on pillows was one of many ways to create a perfume aura around her and others. She loved all colors yet she is often associated with the color red, which is recognizable in the packaging of Diana Vreeland perfumes. Red is a great clarifier and the color of love, is it not?  It tends to make all colors more beautiful.


That va va voom experience
When creating this new perfume collection the perfumers kept Diana’s theatrical character in mind by adding more depth and longer lasting ingredients to avoid exact similarity with the existing perfumes from the Vreeland collection. I am in love with the Simply Divine fragrance as it’s embracing. It carries Tubereuse notes, mixed with ylang-ylang and orange-blossom. Sexy as hell and Simply divine. Outrageously Vibrant contains an unexpected twist to crème de cassis’, a hint of Patchouli and Oud as a cherry on top to spice things up.With Outrageous Daringly different based on oud, wood and leather notes are intensified for that theatrical va va voom experience.

 If Diana was still around I would have loved to smell if these new perfumes develop just as marvelous on her skin as they do on mine. “Do something great, don’t ever be compromising”, is what she stood for. I couldn’t agree more.The Outrageous collection is available from august 2016.

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