Balenciaga Motorcycle City bag

14 March 2016

In 1915 the young Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga began designing haute couture. Although the years that followed were tumultuous, with the arrival of designer Nicolas Ghesquière in the nineties the fashion house became great once again. 

Too soft to produce 
In 1997 Nicolas Ghesquière became the creative director of Balenciaga. The 25-year old, designed his first bag for the house in 2000, but it was dismissed by the company as it lacked structure and was too soft. This was opposite of all the popular bags of that time. Little did they know that those were the qualities that would make the bag so popular. Ghesquière left the two prototypes at his studio as nobody cared about them. 

Thank you Kate Moss 
But when the models who were walking the Balenciaga show, including Kate moss came in for fittings they all asked about the bag. Kate Moss was so excited about the design that he knew he had a winning bag. Because when Kate Moss tells you that something is cool, it’s in everyone's best interest to listen to her, and that’s what they did. After the patrionage of Kate Moss and all the other models, Ghesquière managed to convince the corporates to allow him to manufacture 25 more bags, which he gave to some of the models, including Kate Moss, some editors and friends.  

First vs. City 
The first of all the Motorcycle bags namesaked the First. After the First, the City bag was introduced. The bags are similar in design but are significantly different in size. While the dimensions of the Motorcycle First are 33.5 x 19 x 6.5 cm the dimensions of the City bag are 38 x 24 x 14 cm. If you carry more than just bare essentials, it is recommended that you go with the City bag.

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After this genius move, the Motorcylce bag quickly became popular. The first bags were originally made in black and brown, but soon Balenciaga started adding more and more colors, and now the Motorcycle bag can be found in every colors of the rainbow and even in different prints; from floral to stripes.

One of the biggest plusses of the Motorcycle bag is the type of leather used in the handbags. Balenciaga uses a durable, thin, soft vintage crafted lambskin leather. Unlike other bags that look best when the leather is untarnished, Balenciaga Motorcycle bags have wrinkles and lines, which makes that no two bags will ever look the same. 

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