The best of Brand of the year: Gucci

25 December 2018

Gucci is on fire. Its recent run of success has been attributed to creative director Alessandro Michele, who has led the brand since 2015. Alessandro Michele received the phenomenal award for Brand of the Year two weeks ago. Michele seems to have an awareness of what young people want, including bright, eclectic colors and patterns that are engaging, eye-catching, and good looking on Instagram.

We have listed the best of Gucci for you. Check these 5 gorgeous items and you are in love.

1. The Gucci Belt bag
You can’t miss this amazing bag on social media. It will upgrade all your outfits. It is perfect to combine it with a fancy dress or just with your jeans and a cool jacket.

2. Gucci loafers 
Every girl needs a pair of loafers in their closet. You can combine your loafers with every outfit. If you want to give your feet some rest, instead of wearing high heels. 


3. Cross body bag
Most of the cross body bags have the perfect size to fit all your daily essentials like your phone, purse, sunglasses and lip balm. Whilst leaving your hands free to take pictures, browse shopping rails and pick up that hot drink you well and truly deserve.


4. Gucci belt 
Gucci has a lot of sizes and models in belts. Do you prefer that small size or do you go for that enormous double G? 

5. Gucci it-sneakers
If you can't wear your classic Gucci loafers because of the rain. Wear your Gucci sneakers. These sneakers are extremely popular and real must-haves for this winter.