The best investment for your holiday allowance

29 May 2018

It is the end of the month and most people will then receive their holiday allowance!! Holiday allowance is in most cases 8 per cent of the gross salary and is usually paid out at the end of May. But what are we going to do with that extra salary? Below we give you a number of reasons why you should invest in a beautiful designer bag with your holiday allowance!

1. Saving money for the bag without realizing it!
We’ve all been there! Putting aside money every month on our savings account and then, at the end of the month, transferring a bit of that money (or all) back to the payment account. Are not you going on vacation this year? Then use your holiday allowance to buy a beautiful designer bag! Although you know that you will receive your holiday allowance at the end of May, you will often forget that in the months before you will actually receive it. So basically you save for your designer bag, without having to put real money aside. Ideal!

2. It is a good investment
Besides that you do not actually have to save money for that beautiful designer bag, it is also a very good investment because you are almost certain that it retains its original value. In fact, with some designer bags the value will even increase. Do you want another bag after a year? Then you can easily sell the bag and buy a new one with only a part of you holiday allowance of next year.


3. A nice present to yourself after a year of hard work
A holiday is of course super nice after a year of hard work, but a beautiful designer bag will make you happy all year round! Have you been dreaming about that beautiful Chanel bag for months or even years now? Then that bag is the perfect gift after a year of hard work!