A Birkin bag is a better investment than the stock market

15 January 2016

Of course we all know that a Birkin bag is a great investment, but we would never have guessed that it would be this good. A new study concludes that buying a Birkin is a less risky investment than buying gold or entering the stock market. So if you can somehow get your hands on the Hermès showpiece, it's a great way to invest you money!

More valueable than gold
The Birkin proved to be the most wise investment in a recent comparative study. Baghunter.com compared the real return value of gold, Birkin bags and shares in the S&P 500 stockmarket. While gold and stock can increase and decrease in value over time, a Birkin bag will only become more valuable year after year.

Birkin as an heirloom
So why is the Birkin so stable in value? Because it is hard to come by and will remain scarce in the years to come. At the moment there  is waiting list which can take up to 6 years! And because a Birkin comes with a life long guarantee and repair service, you can pass your beloved Birkin down to your daughters and granddaughters, and you'll never have to worry about losing your investment.

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