Bloomon Flowers

10 December 2015

Flowers... they come in thousands of shapes and sizes. Appealing to the eye and the nose, they are the most popular gift in the world. Filling your house or workspace with flowers will lighten up any room (and your mood!). The stylists at Bloomon arrange bouquets that are not only incredibly stylish, but the color palets also change along with the seasons! Bloomon stands for perfection in a vase. And the best thing about Bloomon? They deliver their floral artworks right to your doorstep. 


Subscribe to florals
Bloomon offers a flexible online subscription, which allows you to choose for a weekly, two-weekly or monthly delivery of fresh flowes. Bloomon supplies directly from the flower growers and they also deliver in the evenings. 


Order a bouquet from Bloomon and get a free vase, by applying the following code: vaasd-v