Burberry made a trailer for the movie we all want to see

03 November 2016

With the holiday season approaching very soon, brands release their holiday campaigns, one even more exclusive than the other. Burberry is known for his amazing campaigns, yet this commercial is nothing like we've seen before. In collaboration with Academy Award winner Asif Kapadia (for his documentary about Amy Winehouse), Burberry has mastered to make a trailer for an (imaginative) blockbuster, which unfortunately will never be released. Such a shame, as we would definitely go to the cinema for this one! 

Tale of Thomas
The movie tells the story of Thomas Burberry, founder of the brand, played by Domhall Gleeson. The advertisement lasts for 3 minutes and looks more like a trailer for the movie than a regular holiday campaign. We see how gabardine is invented and how the trench coat got its original form. Christopher Bailey, chief creative and chief executive officer said that Burberry wanted to tell the story of its founder in their own words and give a nod to the brand's 160th anniversary. The film focuses on the British battle against Hitler in World War II. A Downton Abbey feel, with great scenery and amazing costumes. The costumes are ofcourse all Burberry and a mix of current collections and custom made replicas from the Burberry archives. 

[youtube src="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6D5IZtDCS5c" style=""]Asif Kapadia[/youtube]

British heritage
Ofcourse other stars make their appearance, as we see Dominic West in the role of polar explorer Ernest Shackleton. It's said that Shackleton was one of the first to embrace the designs of Burberry due to their exquisite material and used them for an expedition in 1914. Sienna Miller is portrayed as first love and wife Sara and Lily James as Betty-Kirby Green, pilot and mistress. Betty-Kirby Green was a record breaking pilot in 1937, she was fully dressed in Burberry and her plane was sponsored by the British heritage brand. Stills of the cast members and key moments will be used as print ads and the campaign will last until December.