Calvin Klein's slip dress

25 April 2016

Before World War I women wore corsets, but during the war women were discouraged to do so as the metal that constructs corsets went to the war cause instead. Which is exactly when the slip dress came into fashion. The slip dress was meant to be worn under a women's apparel to smooth everything out. Women soon began to favor slip dresses over their usual undergarments as they allowed them to move and to breathe. The soft, silk fabrics of the dress were also a big inspiration behind the famous flap dresses that were a major trend in the roaring twenties.

From the 30s to the 60s
In the 1930s dresses became longer again and so did the slip dresses. They still consisted of simple bias-cut slips. In the fourties the slip dress became more excentric. Lingerie designers began to define the bust on the slips. The bust line was trimmed with lace and other fabric techniques. By the 1960s the slip dress became shorter again with the rise of mini skirts. By the end of the sixties designers started lining clothes which made them much more comfortable. This caused a quick decline in the popularity of the slip dress.


From undergarments to simplistic dresses
During the nineties the slip dress came back in style, this time not as an undergarment but as an actual dress. Designers from Calvin Klein to Yves Saint Laurent all introduced slip dresses for their collections. The dress became really popular as a part of the underwear-as-outerwear trend. They started out as short dresses in its basic form, with spaghetti straps, silky fabric and lacy trims. Numerous stars wore the slip-dress trend in the 1990s and supermodel Kate Moss took her underwear-as-outerwear dressing to unprecedented levels. She wore a barely-there shimmering dress to an Elite Models party 1993. The mini slip dresses evolved into elegant dresses that could be worn as evening wear. 


The trend is back 
When you look at many of the Spring/Summer 2016 collections, you can conclude one thing: slip dressing is back. Calvin Klein channeled  the nineties with a creamy ankle-length slip dress worn with minimal trainers. Want to wear a slip dress in modern way? Wear the slip dress under a skirt, another dress or a sweater, so you can see a bit of lace poking out underneath and combine with a leather jacket.