A Car, a House or a Birkin? Ehm, a Birkin of course!

24 September 2014

So you’ve got some money to burn. Let’s say probably somewhere around a $150,000. You could opt for a luxury sportscar, maybe a small apartment, or a Birkin bag. We’d go for the last one. #worth it. And that’s exactly what someone at the Luxury Accessories Signature Auction in Beverly Hills must have thought.
We’re talking about the second most expensive Birkin bag ever sold. Made out of a matte Himalayan Nilo Crocodile skin, with 18 carat white gold hardware, encrusted with 242 diamonds. It’s not the most expensive Birkin bag ever sold though, that prize went to a Birkin that got auctioned for a rough 200,000 dollars back in 2011.
Over the top decadence you say? Well, yes. But the whole sale has created a buzz, from our dear colleagues at Vogue NL to many others amongst fashion's finest. Not surprising though. We mean, who wouldn't go wild over a crocodile croco birkin (or any Birkin really)?
Not into diamonds, but the more into Birkin? Luckily, there are always less expensive pre-owned-with-love Hermes beauties waiting for you. Crocodile Porosus or a chic Togo, the choice is yours. A Birkin is a lady’s best friend after all.