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15 February 2016

The story begins
The luxury fashion house Céline, was founded in 1945 by Céline Vipiana and her husband Robert. The couple opened a boutique in Paris that sold beautiful children’s shoes. The shoes quickly became popular. Because of the rising succes, Céline started to design shoes for women and men as well. Even personalities such as Princess Caroline and Prince Albert of Monaco were interested in Vipiana’s shoes. By the late 1950s, Céline began introducing handbags, fine leather goods, perfumes, and silk scarves. 

Michael Kors
Céline was the designer till 1977, after that the company was acquired by LVMH and American fashion designer Michael Kors, was named the first women designer and creative director. Michael Kors had a big contribution to Céline, he implemented the importance of accessory-driven collections. This led to bestselling handbags like the famous Boogie and Poulbot it-bags. His succes was presented in the August 1998 issue of US Vogue, wherein the cover showed model Carolyn Murphy wearing a complete outfit from Céline. After seven successful years, Michael Kors left Céline to focus on his own label. 

Phoebe Philo
In 2004 Robert Menichetti took over, but only lasted a year at Céline as his collections got a lot of criticism. After Menichetti, Ivana Omazic took over the reigns at Céline, but again with little succes. LVMH had to to make drastic decission and destroyed all the remaining inventory in Céline stores, closed 20 out of 100 stores worldwide, and hired Phoebe Philo as the newcreative director. Philo and Céline were a instant match. Philo’s vision for Céline became Céline’s trademark: classic and minimal designs and logo-free accessories with unique shapes. 


The Céline Luggage Tote 
Phoebe is master at creating it-bags. Like she did for Chloé with the Paddington bag, Phoebe created several it-bags for Céline. One of them is The Céline Luggage Tote. The bag was first seen on the arm of one of the Olsen twins, whereafter it quickly became one of the most popular bags in fashion history and they sold out before they even hit the store. In the past years certain sizes, colors and materials have been introduced and prices have nearly doubled. As many Céline Luggage designs are currently not available at Celine’s stores and require a waitlist, you can find your desired Celine Luggage Tote design and size at Designer-Vintage.com. 


The Céline Trapeze bag
The success of Céline started with the never-ending hype of the Céline Luggage bag. But the Luggage bag has been thrown of its pedestal by an even more loved bag, the Trapeze. The bag has extra wide rectangular side-wings, which gives it an iconic shape. The flap front makes it easy to close and open the bag. But the best about this bag are the beautiful color-combinations. The bag comes in bright colors and special materials like crocodile, shearling, python, pony calfskin and calf hair. Prices start at € 2200, but you can find a vintage Trapeze on Designer-Vintage.com starting at just a fraction of the retail price!