Céline Leather Guide

02 July 2018

When you’ve finally decided that you’re going to spend a lot of money on a Céline bag, it is essential to know what bag fits your needs and daily activities. It would be a waste if you found out that it seems to be a mismatch. We would therefore like to help you make that decision! As there are many different leather types, we will give you a quick overview. The most popular styles will be discussed below.

Smooth Leather
The Céline smooth leather is probably the most popular leather type out on the market. The main reason for this is the texture. The texture is smooth and creamy, which both shows and feels amazingly. Even though this leather is extremely popular, it can be scratched very easily. Before the actual purchase, really think about this and decide whether you are careful enough to have such a bag. This leather tends to hold its shape very well. However, it could ‘puddle’ in some areas. The biggest tip we can give you regarding this leather is to not use it as a day-to-day bag.

Drummed Leather
The Céline drummed leather is basically the exact opposite of the smooth leather. It is the most exquisite leather ever. It will always hold its shape, even after months of heavy use. This bag therefore is a perfect everyday bag. This leather is furthermore extremely durable and isn't prone to scratches. And another advantage that we cannot forget is the unique design full of depth and life. We simply can’t say anything negative about this type of leather. 


Pebbled Leather
The Céline pebbled leather looks and is pretty similar to the drummed leather. It mainly differs on one aspect and that is the fun texture and cool appearance that are caused by the unique bumpy characteristics of this leather. This leather is the same as the drummed leather in every other way. It isn’t prone to scratches or scuffs. However, the only downside is that this leather is soft and will definitely slouch over time. It therefore depends on your own opinion, whether you like a more slouched look than the drummed leather.

Calfskin Liege Leather
The Céline calfskin liege leather is the most recent addition to the family. It is perfect for everyday bags. The heavier and larger hides create a distinct and delightful pattern. It looks softer than the drummed and peddled leather, but it still is really durable and it won’t scratch easily. This leather pretty much combines all the pros of the smooth and drummed leather.

Everyone knows suede and we absolutely love the look of it. However, it is super high maintenance. It cannot come into contact with rain or any other water sources and you should wear this type of leather with utmost care. Many people don’t like this. If you, however, decide to purchase a Céline suede bag, you should use a suede protectant. It is wise to buy the bag in a dark color as this reveals stains the most as possible. Suede is amazing for its gorgeous looks and fascinating texture but the downsides should be taken into consideration.


Croc Leather
Céline croc leather is one of the most luxurious leathers out there. It represents sophistication and class. Due to the collection of lines and designs, this type of leather isn’t susceptible to scratches or stains. If there were to be a stain, it is very easy to clean. So if you want something different than the others, this is the perfect match for you. Even though the price range is rather high, this leather can function perfectly as a everyday bag.

Python Leather
Another exotic and luxurious leather is the Céline python leather. This leather might be durable but it certainly is prone to scratches and scuffs. It is therefore advised to use a leather protectant before using. If you cannot resist the WOW factor of this beautiful leather and you are careful with your bags, then this can definitely be your next GEM. If not, you might want to settle down for a croc leather.