Chanel Diana bag

25 August 2016

Fashionista's all over the world are trying to hunt down this little gem, the Chanel Diana bag. It could be called a vintage it-bag as this bag is super elusive, especially in caviar leather. The bag was named after one of the biggest style icons of the late 80's and mid 90's, Princess Diana of Wales. We guess you'll probably do feel like a royalty when wearing this Chanel baby.

Princess Diana 
Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, was married to Prince Charles of Wales. She was known for being a kindhearted woman and being very down to earth, but also for the scandal around her marriage. We mainly remember Diana for her wonderful humanitarian work with charities and her wonderful sense of style. In the beginning of her marriage with Charles, she wasn't sure how to dress herself as a royalty, but as time passed by she developed an elegant style. She liked to dress up in the most beautiful dresses, always following the latest fashion trends. Mid-eighties, she wore dresses with broad shoulders, giving her the nickname Dynasty-Di. She was the first Princess to openly embrace more casual styles, as she liked to wear jeans in public. During state visits she would wear gorgeous suits, accessorised with amazing bags. She wore the Dior ChouChou bag a lot, eventually nicknamed as the Lady Dior bag. One of her other go-to bags was one of Chanel. After the bag became an essential part of her look, Karl decided to name the bag after his favorite princess.


Curved Panel 
The bag was produced from 1989 until approximately 1995. It's a beautiful and classical bag, suiting the personality of Diana. The now classic design is an easy bag to take with you as it is light, elegant, a tad minimalist, but still very Chanel. The bag resembles the Chanel Single flap bag, as it has an exterior flap with an open interior. Still, the bag is slightly different, since it only has one long shoulder chain, which can be worn cross-body or over the shoulder. The bag has a curved front panel, instead of a straight one. Another similarity to the Chanel flap bag is the signature quilted leather, but the bag isn't fully quilted. It does feature the burgundy interior and the interlocking C's as a lock. Because it has a single flap, the bag is much more roomier than it looks.


Diana Reissue 
The bag was and still is very popular and much sought after. Especially the vintage Chanel Diana in caviar leather is exceptionally hard to find. Therefore, Chanel decided to resurrect the Diana Bag in the Spring 2015 collection. It was released in leather and jersey and was slightly altered. The new Diana Bag has a leather strap added to the chain, so it can be worn over the shoulder more easily. The new Diana's are a little more expensive than the vintage ones, but unfortunately the quality and craftsmanship is not the same.