Is Chanel discontinuing the Grand Shopping Tote?

29 February 2016

There is a great deal of rumor surrounding one of the most popular designs of Chanel: the Grand Shopping Tote. A part of the buzz is about a possible discontinuement of the bag, while there's also talk about a possible price increase. In short, no one seems the know exactly.

American market vs. European market
The blog Mizhattan reported a low stock level of the beloved GST at various department stors in New York. Around the same time several American members of the PurseForum have stated they've been told by sales representatives that the bag won't be available for much longer. However, this experience is totally different from the feedback from the European market. A phone call with the Chanel boutique in Paris resulted in a statement saying the bag is part of the permanent collection and will therefore never be discontinued (or at least not any time soon).

Price increase
As the GST is relatively low in price considering its size, it might be one of the future items that will see a price increase. An explanation for the increase could be that this affordable piece is keeping customers from purchasing the more expensive items from Chanel, like the Classic Flap or Boy bag. Only time will tell if the Grand Shopping Tote will be discontinued or if it will become more expensive.