Chanel has just invented shoe heaven

18 November 2016

Chanel is mostly known for creating gorgeous bags, but they also know how to create a fabulous shoe. Think about the ballerina, the most coveted slingbacks, sneakers and the recently released Derby. Chanel knows their products and knows how many aficionado's love their shoes. Therefore the French fashion house has decided to open a boutique, solely dedicated to their incredible shoe collection!

All the ins and outs
A Chanel store filled with just shoes, shoes and more shoes is the newest concept coming from Chanel. They named their new boutique the Shoe Salon and the first Salon is located in Ala Moana, Hawaii. The Shoe-tique has a surface of 102 squared metres and is filled with the most desirable Chanel shoes. The doors of the Salon have opened on the 2nd of November, so we suggest you purchase your tickets to Hawaii as soon as possible!