Chanel increased her prices again

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02 December 2019

Every year the prices of Chanel bags increase. Las October they increased the price of the Medium Flap Bag, the Reissue and the Boy Bag, among other bags. The price increases are quite substantial, so the prices rise from a few to almost 10 percent each year.

Price increases

The American market is experiencing minimal price increases compared to the European market. The prices of the bags have only risen by 2 to 4 percent. This price increase has had an effect on the Medium and Jumbo Classic bags, 2.55 bags and on all sizes of the Boy Bag.

The price increases in Europe are more severe. Prices increase by an average of 7 percent. In the United Kingdom the prices even increase by 8 to 9 percent.

Many Chanel lovers are not happy with these price increases. They say that they will no longer buy items from the brand. Time will tell, but we think eventually they will buy Chanel items again.

Overview of the price increases

Now we’re sure you'll be wondering what these price increases mean for your wallet. See below a number of price increases:












Been thinking about buying a Chanel bag for a while? You might want to speed up your buying process as prices are increasing immensely!