The Chanel Monogram Print

17 April 2018

Almost every high fashion brand has one, a monogram print! Gucci’s monogram print has become really popular again and Dior and Fendi have recently revived the monogram fabrics. Now Chanel released a monogram print for the spring ’18 collection and we are wondering what you guys think of it!

Spring Collenction '18
Besides the cool monogram prints of Gucci, Dior and Fendi we can say that the most iconic monogram print is of course the monogram print of Louis Vuitton. These prints are iconic for their bags and are still going strong! Chanel has of course the famous hardware logo, but never really had a monogram print until now! For spring 2018, Chanel silently designed a coated logo canvas, which all of a sudden appeared in their lookbook. There was no big announcement or promotion whatsoever. As could be seen in the lookbook, the coated logo canvas was used for multiple bags and accessories.


Neutral colours and diamond quilting
The print itself is pretty neutral because of the two-toned colour scheme set on a diamond grid. This is not that strange since diamond quilting is an iconic feature of the brand. The brand also uses the iconic initial logo and the Camellia floral motif. What is not known yet is whether this monogram print is something seasonal or that it is here to stay! The prices of the bags are quite low (for Chanel bags) and therefore very accessible for first time Chanel bag buyers. What do you think of this monogram print? Is it a yay or a nay?