Chanel Reissue

Getty Images
26 July 2016

The most loved model from the house of Chanel, is undoubtedly the Classic Flap bag. But what a lot of fans don't know is that this iconic bag is actually a reinterpreation of the original 2.55, envisioned by Coco Chanel. The bag that started it all was made in February 1955, hence its name. After the classic quilted accessory lost some of its popularity in the seventies, it was redesigned by Karl Lagerfeld, who made several small changes to the hardware and chain. But luckily, the 2.55 came back in 2005, when the Reissue was launched. 


The birth of the Chanel Reissue
After the launch of the Classic Flap, the production of the 2.55 bag was halted for a period of time and during this time, the Chanel Flap bag became increasingly popular. Luckily, Karl Lagerfeld decided to honour the 2.55 with a special relaunched version, to celebrate its 50th birthday: the Reissue. The updated 2.55 reclaimed it's fame and has been a well-loved Chanel piece, particularly for women who aren't a fan of logomania. It is almost an exact replica of its predecessor, with the exception of two small details. The Reissue is made from leather with a used look and is embellished with hardware in a tarnished gold or silver tone. 


The story behind the Chanel Reissue elements
Each part of the bag was designed by Coco and has a story behind it.  For example, the lock of the Reissue is called 'Mademoiselle lock', with a rectangular shape which refers to the fact that she was never married. Another cool element is the chain which is rumored to be inspired by the long key chains, that were worn by the nuns in the orphanage where Gabrielle grew up. The gorgeous shade of burgundy, used for the interior leather, is the exact same color as the uniforms that Coco and her peers wore. And the most scandalous detail of all is the exterior pocket,  a perfect hiding place for love letters from one of mademoiselle Chanel's many beau's.