Chanel Sneakers

08 May 2015

Karl Lagerfeld is without a doubt one if the biggest visionairs of his time. With every new catwalk spectacle, the designer takes the french fashion house into a competely new direction. One of his recent successes was the Chanel sneaker that has become a true internet sensation.

The first debut of the sneaker
Chanel sports shoes made their first debut back in 1984. The two tone black sneakers were inspired by one of the designs of Coco Chanel herself. The sneakers a new appearance (in velvet) in the Haute Couture show of '92/'93. This time the sneakers were embellished with Chanel's signature double-c. In 1997 the house collaborated with Reebok and the result was a very modern and high tech sneaker.


Sneakers comeback
In January the shoes made their comeback (after a long absence) during the Spring/Summer 2014 Couture, in which we saw no less than 65 sneakers in a wide range of candy colours. Even the show's bride (Cara Delevingne) wore a glitter version of the sportshoe. After skipping a few seasons the 'supermarket show' of the  Fall-Winter 2014/15 collection was filled with Chanel sneakers that came in tweed, leather and metallic combinations, and everyone desired a pair of their own!