Chanel's Tweed Jacket

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07 December 2015

There aren’t many garments that can compete with the little black jacket. The weight of the tweed on your shoulders, the rich texture and de details... they are all unrivaled. This week we’ll dive into the illustrious past of Gabrielle Chanel's tweed jacket.

It was back in the twenties wehen Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel came up with the idea to use tweed. Her beau, the Duke of Westminster, wore the comfortable and smooth fabric during sports such as horse riding. Gabrielle was impressed with the practical material and placed her first order with a Scottisch manufacturer in 1924, who supplied her with tweeds in beautful earth tones.

The Chanel jacket gets big!
The fabric gained worldwide stardom when actress Ina Claire wore a brown Chanel jacket on the cover of a big magazine. Soon, every Paris fashion house was in love with the material. In the thirties, Gabrielle Chanel combined tweed with wool, silk, cotton and even cellophane. The result was a lightweight material that felt more high fashion, than the robust and classic tweed.

The birth of an icon
The iconic Chanel jacket, as we now know it, did not come to exist untill 1954. Gabrielle Chanel (who was already 71 at the time!) designed the comfortable garment as a backlash against the tightly constricted wasp waist, which was all the rage in the fifties.


Chanel buttons
The jacket is characterized by four pockets and large, prominent buttons that are often adorned with the Chanel logo. One of the secrets behind the perfect fit is the delicate chain that is woven into the silk lining. This extra weight provides the perfect cut, which undoubtedly is one of the reasons for the continuous popularity of the little black jacket.

The modern jacket
Roughly 60 years later, the iconic garment is still prominent in the fashion world. Karl Lagerfeld never fails to impress his fans with an original interpretation of the heirloom. During the last show we saw eye-catching tweeds in bright colors like royal blue and fuchsia, but also printed jackets and dazzling metallic pieces.

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