Crayon-Bright Bags might be the new trend of the fall…

31 October 2017

When designers start their new career at a different brand, it is expected that they set off at least 1 bag trend per season. Colour trends in particular, are rather difficult to work with because they won’t be popular unless trendsetters see the colour as super popular. Designers find it difficult to work with certain colours and many shy away from it. But not Demna Gvasalia. The creative director of Balenciaga is not afraid to use bold colours!

The colour trend of this season was red. And in the past it’s been burgundy, baby pink or neons. But brighter or more extravagant colours than this are barely ever incorporated into a design. These colours (minus the red) are rarely featured in designs when you compare this to softer or richer colours such as pastels or jewel tones.


Demna Gvasalia has never been afraid to use colour. As the head designer of Vetements, he used bright colours before. But now he wants to make a statement. For the Balenciaga Fall Collection of 2017 he incorporated true, bright primary colours and colours similar to those. The colours somewhat resemble all 8 colours that can be found in a pack of crayons. These colours can be seen as the trademark of Demna Gvasalia.

The main reason for the absence of bright colours like those used by Demna Gvasalia, is because of the usage in other industries. The primary colours can come across as harsh and almost not fashionable due to the usage of these colours in signage, uniforms and other important things that need to stand out.


But times are changing! Now that other brands notice that the designs of Balenciaga work, they will follow. Many brands already picked up on Demna Gvasalia his designs. A few examples are: Fendi, Off-White, JW Anderson, Jimmy Choo and Givenchy.

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