Diane Von Fürstenberg

09 June 2015

Not many designers acclaim worlwide fame quite like Diane Von Furstenberg. In the 70’s she arrived in New York and never left. Nowadays DVF is known for her jersey dresses who are timeless and nonetheless… very flattering!

This Belgian-born Fashion designer was born in 1946. When she married the German prince Egon of Fürstenberg, and her name became (obviously) Diane von Fürstenberg. They divorced in 1972 but Diane decided to keep the von Fürstenberg name, that has quite a nice ring to it.

In 1997 she re-launched her company, including her famous wrap dress. This wrap dress was an instant sell-out and put DVF’s name on the international fashion map. It became an international success. But why is this dress so popular? It is suitable for every body type and every occasion

Diane is one of the only designers who embraces colors and patterns in her ersonal style, just as much as she does in her catwalk collections. We can definitely say that Diane Von Fürstenberg has made it. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Jessica Hart, Sarah Jessica Parker and even the Duchess of Cambridge are crazy about the designs from DVF.

5 things you didn't know about DVF...

1. Diane's mother was a prisoner in the Auschwitz working camp. She gave birth to Diane, a year after she was liberated
2. Her first designer outfit was Pucci. Her boyfriend gave her a full on Emilio Pucci outfit!
3. She celebrates milestones by buying houses. She has one on Fifth Avenue and a country house in Connecticut.
4. Great legs. She takes the 5 stairs up to her office. Every-day.
5. At one point she thought the key to happiness was straight hair. She even ironed her hair!