Did you know the classic Chanel bag didn't always have a CC lock?

24 January 2017

Chanel bags are mostly known for their quilted leather and interwoven chain. Their CC logo as a lock is the icing on the cake. But did you know that's not the lock Gabrielle Chanel originally designed? 

Mademoiselle lock vs. the CC lock
Gabrielle Chanel initially designed the Mademoiselle which is recognized but it rectangular shape and understated design. It was Karl Lagerfeld, creative director since 1983, who decided to change the lock. He replaced the Mademoiselle lock with the well-known CC lock. Fun fact: the name 'Mademoiselle' was a reminder Coco Chanel never got married. 


The 2.55 and the Classic Flap Bag
To set things straight: the Classic Flap refers to Flap bags with the CC lock designed by Karl Lagerfeld. The 2.55 refers to Coco Chanel's original design with a Mademoiselle lock. The confusion comes from the fact that the term '2.55' is applied to most of the classic Chanel bags. Besides the lock, the two also differ in chain. The interwoven leather chain is another invention of monsieur Lagerfeld, a feature he launched in the eighties.


The first 2.55
Coco Chanel designed her first bag in 1929. It was a hand-carried and cumbersome bag,which was the only acceptable way for a woman to wear a bag back then. In 1955 she designed a shoulder-carried version of her previous bag. This was the first Chanel bag we are all known with; the 2.55.