The difference between a Céline Luggage Tote and a Phantom Tote

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19 September 2017

Céline bags have become super popular! The waiting lists are very long and the prices have doubled. Céline has some clear trademarks ever since Phoebe Philo started working for the brand. The bags are known for their classic, minimal design, the logo-free accessories and their unique shapes. But there are two bags that are very similar to each other. Many won’t see the difference between the Luggage Tote and the Phantom Tote. As they are part of the same ‘family’, it indeed is somewhat difficult to see. The luggage Tote is probably the most popular Céline bag, but now the Phantom Tote is becoming very popular as well.

The Luggage Tote is sold in three sizes. From small to large: Nano, Micro and Mini. The Phantom tote is sold in two sizes: Medium and Large. The Luggage Mini is similar in size of the Phantom Medium; this can be seen from the dimensions as well.


We will explain the differences between the Céline Mini Luggage Tote and the Céline Medium Phantom Tote. It’s all about the dimensions. The dimensions of a Luggage Mini Tote are: 12” x 12” x 7” and the dimensions of the Phantom Medium Tote are: 12” x 11” x 9”. The middle part of the Phantom is similar to that of the Luggage. However, the ‘wings’ of the bag are more spacious in the side. Thus, the Phantom has a wider base and a wider wingspan.


There are a few other small details that distinguish a Phantom from a Luggage Tote. Namely, the Phantom Tote has a suede lining and open closure. The Luggage Tote has a zip closure in the middle. And another cute detail is the braided tassel zip on the front of the Phantom Tote! The Luggage Tote has a more structured and sturdy finish as opposed to the Phantom Tote, which has a softer leather finish with the wings susceptible to movement.

Which one is your favourite? Both bags are absolutely gorgeous and they are for sale at So check it out and see if your dream bag is still availible. Looking for a more spacious bag? Check out the Phantom Tote! Or do you want a bag that’s sturdy? Then the Luggage Tote is your next IT-Bag!