Dior Couture Show Spring 2020 “What if woman ruled the world?”

Designer Vintage
22 January 2020

Men’s Fashion Week in Paris just ended and Couture week has already started with Dior as one of the first shows.

The house of Dior let Judy Chicago transform the Parisian Musée Rodin with her ‘The Female Divine’ installation. The room was filled with 21 different questions and statements embroidered on beautiful canvas. On the canvas were slogans and critical questions that took a closer look at the role of woman and will be open to the public for another week.

Modern goddesses 

Designer Vintage


In Dior’s previous show we saw T-shirts with feminism slogans and surrealism tattoo quotes, but in the last show we saw elegant and soft looks. Maria Graiza Chiuri, creative director of Dior, was inspired by the old Greek and Romans. Handmade draped (maxi) dresses made from silk and tulle, worn with plated sandals underneath. Several drape techniques, twisted fabrics and a varied selection of fabrics. All models wore headbands or necklaces with the well-known roman leaves with all of their looks. Our favourite was the gorgeous see-through maxi dress with a peacock print.

Extraordinary capes

Designer Vintage


In addition to the Greek inspired pieces, various suits were also on display. Low cut blazers combined with gold necklaces. But also, straight pants and suits with a cape. The cape was seen in various designs with different materials such as tulle, feathers and lace. In a few different looks we saw references to the roaring twenties: fringes, transparent fabrics and fishnets as a comeback accessoire. A striking dress from the collection was therefore a long fringed dress with a color gradient.

Which one is your favourite look?