The Dior Saddle Bag and its major comeback

28 August 2018

There are two types of bags: you have the ones that become tied to a particular era and you have the ones that become general types of bags. Once a brand brings out a general type of bag, it is pretty safe to say that the design won’t disappear within the next couple of years. With the other bags, however, it is rather tricky for a brand to revive that design. As it becomes extremely popular in a certain year or season, people tend to connect those two together. It is therefore difficult to bring back a popular design; a brand never truly knows how the public will react. The Dior Saddle bag was extremely popular in a handful of years but its shape was/is the whole draw.  A different brand wouldn’t have been able to reinvent the Saddle bag. If anyone was going to bring back the look, it would have only been Dior.

But that’s exactly what Dior was planning to do and it exploded! Everyone is, again, a huge fan of the Saddle Bag. You cannot open your Instagram or favorite blog without seeing this beauty. Some people are over the moon because they are able to use their vintage Dior that has been sitting in their closet for years. Others have to purchase a brand new Saddle bag, but let’s be honest, that’s not so bad right? A ton of celebrities are spotted wearing the Dior Saddle bag, from Kendall Jenner to Beyoncé and Olivia Palermo.



Dior has been faithful to the original design; it even features the same short shoulder straps as back then. If you’re not that big of a fan of the short straps, which is understandable, then Dior gives you the option to purchase additional strap options. There basically are two changes from the original. Instead of the previous Velcro closure, there will be a magnetic snap closure and the textile lining will be replaced by suede lining. Besides these two adjustments, the bags will be similar. This gives the Dior Saddle bag its vintage feel, which is simply amazing!

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