Fendi Baguette Bag

11 January 2016

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Grace had her Kelly bag, Jane inspired the Birkin an Jackie O. got her own Gucci 'Jackie.' But the Fendi Baguette, that Carrie Bradshaw famously carried around in Sex and the City, was the first to claim the title: it-bag. The Fendi Baguette was launched in 1997 and caused worldwide hysteria. The bag has recently been relaunched and therefore well deserving of some extra attention in this Masterclass.

The name 'Baguette'
Every Baguette has charateristic details, like the prominent Fendi logo on the clasp, which make the piece instantly recognizable. The short strap of the bag is attached to rectangular shaped hardware. The strap is just long enough to carry the bag directly under you arm, like a piece of French bread, hence its quirky name: Baguette.

The first modern it-bag
The Baguette was the first it-bag of the modern era and very different from the classics like the Birkin, Kelly or the Chanel 2.55, as it was small, lightweight and perfect for the new generation of women. The bag was designed by Sylvia Fendi and came in everything from disco sequins to fur and satin to tribal beads. Since the first model in 1997, the bag has seen more than 1000 variations.


It-bags & it-girls
In 1997 the bag was featured in the immensly popular series Sex and the City and became one of Carrie Bradshaw's favorite accessories. Sarah Jessica Parker said in an interview that “The Baguette opened the floodgates (on SATC), influencing the character of Carrie serving as a game-changer for woman – for the first time we saw a woman who lived by her own rules, paying more for a bag than her rent, if she so desired.” The Fendi has also helped to raise funds for various charities as celebrities such Scarlett Johansson and Marchesa's Georgina Chapman gave their favorite Fendi up for auction. In 2011, auction house Christie's held a sale of Elizabeth Taylor's estate and auctioned off 18 Fendi Baguettes, totalling in more than €71.000 in worth!


The Baguette is back! 
The Fendi Baguette has recently returned to the limelight. In 2012, Fendi published a a 354-page coffee table book on the history of its first it-bag. The book celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Baguette and sparked new interest in the 'almost forgotten' crown jewel of Fendie. For Spring/Summer 2012 the Italian fashion house launched 6 limited editions in luxe skins, vivid colors and with glittery details.

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