Fendi Baguette bag: these are the most wanted sizes

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16 May 2021

The Fendi Baguette bag is nothing short of a cultural icon. Designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi in 1997, the bag is named after the way the French traditionally carry their baguettes effortlessly under the arm. The Fendi Baguette is rumored to have sold over 100,000 units in its debut year and has been reimagined into more than 1000 iterations since. But the demand for vintage styles is just as high. The most wanted Fendi Baguette sizes, ánd tips for getting your hands on a vintage Baguette, are listed in this article. 

Fendi Nano Baguette

The smallest size of the Baguette bag is the Fendi Nano Baguette. This baby edition was actually designed as a bag charm for bags and belts, but because of the chain, it is also possible to wear it as a crossbody bag. 

Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.6 x 1 inches (length x height x depth)

Variations: nappa leather, nubuck leather, calfskin leather, sheepskin, mono print, canvas, with crystals, beaded, raffia, with sequins, caiman leather

Prices: $750.00 (calfskin and monoprint), $950.00 (crystals), $990.00 (beaded and with sequins), $770.00 (raffia, sheepskin and nubuck), $890.00 (canvas), $1,590.00 (caiman leather) 




Fendi Mini Baguette

The Fendi mini Baguette can be worn in hand, crossbody or over the shoulder. This bag is available in a lót of different colors and materials, of which a black Fendi baguette or silver baguette.

Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.5 x 1.6 inches (length x height x depth)

Variations: monoprint, sheepskin, nappa leather, beaded, jacquard, nubuck leather, calfskin leather 

Prices: $2,190.00 (monoprint and nappa leather), $2,590.00 (sheepskin), $4,800.00 (beaded), $2,690.00 (jacquard), $2,100.00 (nubuck leather), $2,980.00 (calfskin leather)




Fendi Baguette Bag

The orginial Fendi Baguette bag has a practical size and can be worn in hand, over the shoulder and crossbody thanks to the shoulderstrap. The bag is available in a lot of different variations, but if you really want to go for a vintage look, you should go for the Mono Baguette. 

Dimensions: 10.2 x 5.5 x 1.6 inches (length x height x depth)

Variations: monoprint, sheepskin, nappa leather, leather interlace, nubuck leather, calfskin leather, multicolor embroidery, mink, denim, canvas, python, jacquard, crocodile leather, shearling, sheepskin

Prices: $3,100.00 (monoprint and nappa leather), $3,490.00 (sheepskin), $6,500.00 (multicolor embroidery and mink), $2,750.00 (denim and canvas), $4,900.00 (python), $3,980.00 (leather interlace), $3,390.00 (jacquard), $24,900.00 (crocodile leather), $3,290.00 (shearling), $3,690.00 (sheepskin)




Fendi Large Baguette

Fendi's biggest Baguette size is the large Baguette. This spacious bag is big enough for all your daily essentials. Wear this bag casually in hand, over your shoulder or crossbody. 

Dimensions: 13 x 7.1 x 2.2 inches (length x height x depth)

Variations: Cuoio Romano leather, straw, denim, nappa leather, monoprint, python, raffia, sheepskin

Prices$2,980.00 (Cuoio Romano leather), $3,290.00 (straw and monoprint), $2,980.00 (denim), $3,490.00 (nappa leather), $6,300.00 (python), $3,290.00 (raffia), $3,490.00 (sheepskin)




Vintage Fendi Baguette

Vintage Fendi Baguettes are very popular and we get why. A second-hand Fendi Baguette is a lot cheaper and you can find a unique piece. We've listed a few tips to make buying a vintage Fendi bag easier. 

  1. Check authenticity: thoroughly check the authenticity of the second-hand Fendi Baguette bag. For example, check the serial number and style number. That should always be between the 17 and 18 symbols and is always stated on the leather part of the bag, like the leather tag. Do you want to be sure of the authenticity? Keen an eye on our Fendi items, we check every item for authenticity.

  2. Check the source: a trustworthy platform or shop is key! Research the website platform or shop and check for online reviews and for contact details of the platform.

  3. Compare prices: a cheap Fendi Baguette sounds appealing, but be sure to check if the price is realistic. A lower price often means that the condition is poorer, keep this in mind.