Geometric bags are hot and happening

29 October 2019

Every season, fashion designers come up with bags that look different from the 'normal' looking bag. This season it’s the geometric bag. A bag in the shape of a half-moon, pyramid, cube or triangle, you can see it all passing by.

Are you looking for a geometric bag? Then Oscar de la Renta, Bottega Veneta and Simone Rocha are the brands where you’ll find your gem.

Oscar de la Renta has mainly cube-shaped bags in his assortment. If you want to participate in this new trend, but don't want to go all-out yet, this bag is perfect for you. The size of this bag is small and the shape is (compared to the other shapes) subtle, so it doesn't stand out very much.


The bags of Bottega Veneta are in the shape of a Pyramid. The shape is of course something different from what you are used to, but the subtle finishes make the bags look very classic.


Still looking for a more daring bag? Simone Rocha's bags have very special shapes. This makes the bags unique, so you won't easily see someone with the same bag.


We understand that you will not use these geometric bags as an everyday bag. We see the bag rather as a fun and crazy detail that you add to your outfit when you go out or when you go for a chic lunch.

What are your thoughts on this new trend?