A glimpse into the life of a professional Louis Vuitton reseller

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17 December 2019

Yentl-Amber has been a reseller on Designer-Vintage.com for a long time.Yentl-Amber only sells vintage Louis Vuitton items. We thought it would be nice to highlight the seller's side for once. Wondering what the life of a professional reseller looks like? Then read the story of Yentl-Amber below.

1. When did you start selling designer items?

In 2015 I sold my first Louis Vuitton bag through Designer-Vintage. I sold this bag in no time and since then I have made my hobby my profession. You can say that it has become a hobby that got out of hand.

2. Why do you only sell Louis Vuitton?

At first, I specialized in selling Keepalls. As time went by, customers asked me about other models, so I started selling all vintage Louis Vuitton models. I only sell vintage Louis Vuitton bags, because it’s easier to offer only one brand. In addition, my supplier is specialized in Louis Vuitton. Because I sell vintage bags, I contribute to the recycling process. This is very important to me. New bags are often very expensive and difficult to obtain, so this is one of the reasons why I don't sell new items.

3.Where do you buy the designer items?

I have a regular supplier abroad, with whom I have a good relationship with (both professional and private). In my early days I worked with multiple suppliers, which I usually found online. In the end, I chose to work with one supplier, partly due to the good relationship of trust that we've developed over time. From this supplier I can buy as much as I want, and it's even possible for me to return items.

4. What is your best experience as a professional reseller?

The best thing about this work are the conversations with customers. Also, the fact that I am often approached by large companies to work together is still something I can't get used to. People often underestimate this work, but this work is very intensive. Every bag has to be administered, described and photographed. So when I buy 100 bags, it takes a while before everything is finished. I've been doing this work for almost five years now and I really enjoy selling vintage Louis Vuitton bags and as long as it's worth it, I'll keep on doing it.

5. What is your golden tip for a seller?

A tip for people who want to sell items on Designer-Vintage: take good pictures. Preferably in front of a white background where you can see the products as good as possible. Don't forget the details and take pictures of the inside and corners of the item as well.

6. What is your golden tip for a buyer?

Are you planning to buy an item at Designer-Vintage? Offer a fair price! In most cases buyers are quite willing to give a discount, but there is no point in offering €100 less for an item. Then many sellers don't feel taken seriously.

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