Good News! The new Hermès Evelyne Sellier bag is now available online

10 April 2018

Good news for all Hermès lovers! As we all know, many of the Hermès bags are not available online, but Hermès just added a very popular bag to their website; the Hermès Evelyne Sellier bag. This bag might not be as popular as the Birkin or Kelly bag, but it truly is a beautiful bag. The bag debuted in Fall 2016, and is a less formal bag than the brand’s more famous bags. The bag is known for its perforated H on the front of the bag instead of the signature hardware that most of the Hermès bags have.


Now that the bag is available online, we are able to take a closer look at this stunner. In comparison to the traditional Evelyne, the Sellier version has an embossed logo in a diamond shape. Also the closing of the bag is a bit more neat and tight. The type of leather has changed. The original Evelyne has a softer type of leather and the new version is a bit more sturdy. The Hermès Evelyne Sellier bag can now be bought online and is available in two sizes. The 29 and the larger 33 bag. One thing that has changed dramatically is the price. The traditional Evelyne version was around $3,375 while the new version in the same size now costs around $4,825.

Are you a real Hermès lover but are the prices a bit too high for you? Then take a look at our Hermès page and maybe you will find the Hermès bag you were looking for.