Groceries Deluxe

15 September 2014

When we say groceries, probably nothing really sensational would come to mind (we don’t blame you). However, chances are your heart will start to beat faster if we say Chanel groceries (well, ours do anyways). From now on, if you are going for some Chanel shopping, please don’t forget to take this basket.
Yes, for its pre-fall 2014 collection, Chanel has introduced us to a groceries basket that will change your supermarket experience forever. With a frame just like a Chanel chain, it’s the 2.55 (literally) amongst the baskets.
We’ve already thought of a couple of other ways to use this interesting basket: an upscale magazine stand, a way to carry your laundry in a stylish way or just perfect to collect all your invites for Fashion Week. You see, its versatility is endless.
A Chanel basket not really your cup of tea (with some Lait de Coco)? Luckily the good old trusted 2.55 is always there for you, brand new or pre-owned-with-love