Gucci and Louis Vuitton revive the Monogram bag

22 February 2016

A few weeks ago we already reported on the comeback of 'logomania'. Fashion houses such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton are leaders in this revival of logo bags such as the Twist Lock bag from Louis Vuitton. The Twist Lock features a closure made from the letters L and V, much like the famous CC-closure from Chanel. Along with a newfound love for Logomania we see a big comeback of the Monogram canvas bag.

The comback of the Monogram
A design that was detested for years and years has now come back in the limelight: the Monogram canvas. Thanks to Alessandro Michele and Nicolas Ghesquière who are designing monogram-friendly handbag that feel very current again. The bags by the hand of Michele are clearly channeling the seventies, where the monogram blends with other characteristics of the bags such as embroidery and embellishments. 


Which fashion house will follow?
As the Monogram was also a big part of heritage of Fendi, Dior and even Céline, we suspect that many more fashion houses wil follow the current fever for Monograms. What is your view on the direction these designers are taking?