Gucci Bamboo bag

21 December 2015

The world's very first it-bag might suprise you, it's none other than the Gucci Bamboo bag. It's history starts way back in the 40's, years and years before the Birkins and the 2.55 took center stage. In this week's Masterclass we'll tell you all about the very first it-bag.


The Gucci Bamboo is born
The bag was originally designed around the end of World War II. With scarcity of materials like leather and metal challenging the fashion industry around the world, Gucci needed to think outside the box. The Italian fashion house came up with the ingenious idea to use Bamboo. The strong wood could be easily imported from Japan and was a groundbreaking invention in the bag business. The perfect solution!

Bamboo design became a hit
The modern bamboo was such a big hit that Gucci decided to continue the production after the war. In 1958 Gucci received its patent on the bamboo handbag, which meant that no other brand could copy the design. Celebrities like actress Elizabeth Taylor wore the bags on special occassions and skyrocketed its image to full-on-stardom.


Gucci's most recent innovation
In 2010 the entire Bamboo collection was redesigned by Gucci's creative director. The bags were given a shoulder strap for cross body wear and Gucci also added a fun fringe detail to give the classic bag a modern update. The modern Bamboo is available is range of different designs and materials, from soft lamb leather to exotic python.

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