Gucci Dionysus

30 January 2018

Gucci is an Italian luxury fashion brand, which was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. Guccio Guci was an immigrant hotel worker in Paris and later on in London. He became impressed by all the beautiful and luxurious baggage that his guests brought to the hotels. After he returned to his birthplace Florence, he started his own shop where he sold fine leather goods. Nowadays, Gucci is the second most popular fashion brand after Balenciaga according to Business of Fashion. The brand is known for its simplicity and style. After designing many beautiful bags, they released the Gucci Dionysus for the Fall/Winter 2015 Collection. This super popular bag is an absolute must-have. Thinking about buying this beauty? Read this article and we are sure you will come to a decision.

In January 2015, Alessandro Michele got appointed as the new creative director of Gucci. During the Men’s Fall/Winter Collection of 2015-2016, Alessandro revealed his new direction for Gucci on the runway. This especially showed during the Women’s Fall/Winter 2015-2016 runway collection. Alessandro’s new vision was a real boost for the brand. Many other high fashion brands experienced financial losses in the last couple of years, because they lost the interest of their target audience. Gucci on the other hand, gained a lot of customers because of the new fresh ideas in combination with some vintage flair.


The Gucci Dionysus bag is a combination of ‘Old’ Gucci and ‘New’ Gucci and comes in many different styles and prints. For example, most of the bags have the authentic “GG” Supreme monogram canvas pattern and are combined with some suede details. The most recent collections are even more delicate, because they have included embroideries of birds, bees, flowers and many other iconic Gucci symbols. The bag is named after the Greek God Dionysus. According to Greek mythology Dionysus was the god of agriculture, fertility, wine, life, pleasure and dance and of immortality. The Dionysus bag has many different features such as a tiger head closure in antique silver hardware, four pockets and an internal compartment with a zipper, a sliding chain strap so you can carry the bag on your shoulder or as a handbag, suede lining and hand-painted edges.


Because the bag is available in so many different prints, there is always a bag that fits you best! Are you someone that loves to stand out in the crowd? Then go for one of the limited editions. These versions have bright colors and designs and are really unique. Are you someone that just wants to invest in a beautiful bag? Then go for the original version, simple and elegant just as we are used from Gucci. The Gucci Dionysus is the perfect bag for every occasion and definitely worth the money. The prices start around €1550,- for a small version, but can run up to a couple of thousands for a limited edition. The only negative thing that could be said about the bag is that it is quite heavy. Have you made a decision on buying this bag? Check out and maybe you will find the Gucci Dionysus for less than its original price!