Gucci is at the top of their game

09 October 2018

Everyone knows that there are certain levels of prestige within the handbag market. Premier designer and contemporary are the two big players. When you think of ‘premier designer’, you immediately go to the three most popular brands ever. What brands are we talking about? Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton of course! These brands have been popular since the minute they started and their price points are rather high. Next to this, their bags hold their value the best, it is often possible to resale your bags for even higher prices. That’s music to our ears right. But things are changing… Literally everyone knows that Gucci is at the top of their game and this resulted in Gucci becoming one of these big players as well!

Gucci recently became the most searched-for brand of 2018 among millennials. Chanel currently remains the number one amongst millennial women but Gucci’s popularity amongst men is booming! We do think that it’s possible that Gucci will eventually beat Chanel in that statistic as well but who knows right. Gucci is also the biggest gainer of the year, popularity wise. Searches for Gucci products have surged 62%! You might think that’s not even that high. But think about the fact that Gucci has been around for such a long time that having a surge in popularity right now is extremely impressive!


And the main reason for this shift in popularity is the creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele. When he took the top design spot at the fashion house, he not only changed the brand’s own aesthetic, he basically shifted the whole industry. In a fashion climate where people are expecting more and more, traditional brands are having difficulties with selling products that seem rare and exclusive. Gucci however appears to have figured out a way to do both. It makes traditional, ‘simple’ plain leather bags whilst also designing many outstanding, trendy bags. These bags are made in many different versions but in very small quantities. This ensures the popularity and diehard fans become even more excited, creating a lot of buzz. So Gucci is booming and even outselling Chanel, what do you think about this change in the fashion climate?