The guide to buying a forever handbag

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23 June 2016

Choose a classic 
Isn’t it the worst thing? To plunder your whole savings account for a statement bag that loses its lustre after just a few seasons? That's why your most expensive investments should always classics. A bag that never goes out of style will always be worth the purchase, even when you personally aren't completely in love with the bag anymore. Timeless items are stable in their resale value which also makes the investment a lot less scary.

While you might think your smitten with a bold pink Chanel or are in love with that statement cobalt blue Birkin, it might not be the best choice for your designer bag. A neutral color is much more versatile and will be easier to combine with garments in brighter hues. You'll also tire quite quickly of a bold color, whereas black or grey will always stay chic. 


While a jersey or linnen bag is much more affordable, it does stain easily. Therefore, you might want to consider saving up for a bag with a bit more durability. Durable leather develops character with wear and gets better with age.

A size too big, or too small, will leave you frustrated. A bag that is too large for your frame may feel incredibly heavy or just look downright strange. If your designer piece is too small then you'll go crazy trying to stuff it with your daily essentials. We recommend you visit the boutique (of your brand of choice) to try out different materials and sizes.

Do your homework 
By doing research before you buy an item, you'll make a smarter purchase. Take a look at the online reviews to see if people are happy with the item. Furthermore you could look up from which materials the item is made and study the stitching. Are they sewn properly into place and finished seamlessly?