The Hermès Box

23 April 2015

It's that kind of orange and it's coming your way. Is your heart already beating faster, just by thinking of it? Of course we are talking about the famous Hermès orange boxes. #allgoodthingscomeinorangeboxes.

The Hermès boxes weren't always orange
The famous Hermès boxes haven't always been orange, the colour is also known as Potiron for the Hermès natives. Back in the 1920s and 30s, you took your Hermes goodies home in a cream-coloured imitated pig skin box with a gilded edge. A couple of years later, the boxes were mustard colour with a brown edge, again in an imitation pig skin. 

From pigskin to paper
The orange cardboard box came about when there wasn't much more than paper available. During the Second World war austerity measures, Hermès swapped to cardboard material. After the war, the orange colour was continued, but a tad brighter with the well known relief logo imprinted on the box.

The Hermès Bolduc
The famous brown ribbon that comes with the box (that's the Bolduc for you connaisseurs) was not yet introduced till 1949. As the French fashion house feateres a different theme for their ribbon each year, the Bolduc is a true collector's item. Today, there are about 188 different Hermes boxes, ranging from the teeny tiny square jewellery box to the huge boxes that come with your new Birkin for instance.