Hermès Carré Scarf

22 December 2015

For some people it is just piece of silk, but the fans claim it's one the most versatile luxury accessories in the world: The Hermès Carré scarf. The first scarf was crafted in 1937 and more than 75 years later, the Carré still reigns in the luxury industry.

The Carré is born
The very first Hermès scarf was woven in Lyon, which has been the epicentre for silk production since the end of the 16th century. The very first Carré scarf was named  'Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanches'. It all started when Emile Hermès met Marcel Gandit, a talented silk weaver and the designer of the famous Carré design His groundbreaking weave method produces complex and exuberant patterns, that are rich in contrast and colour tones. Gandit's creation was so successful that the 'triangle shawls' (one of the ways to style the Carré) was seen in every major city and worn by every jet setter.


The Hermès shawl becomes a star!
It was not just the upper class that appreciated the design. Hollywood princesses and British royals alike, were in love with the elegant scarf. Queen Elizabeth II tied the Carré around her neck for her 'postage stamp-portrait', while Grace Kelly used the silk scarf as a (very fashionable) sling for her broken arm. But the Carré has also starred in a Sex & the City episode and was een in Breakfast at Tiffany's. 

Handstitched silk
The modern process of production of a shawl can take up to two years! It all starts with heaps and heaps of sketches and ends with the very last stitch on the handcrafted hem. After more than 18 months of craftsmanship the lucky owner receives its Carré scarf in the characteristic orange Hermes box, layered in clouds and clouds of crepe paper.


The Carré by numbers
Each seasonal collection consists of nine prints. From classic patterns (such as the 'Bride Gala' and 'Phenix') to special editions, that are just made once. Since the first Carré, Hermès has designed more than two thousand different prints! Carré by numbers would look a lot like this: The 90 x 90 cm scarf weighs 65 grams, is made out of more than four kilometres of silk and has at least 12 different colours. Every 25 seconds, a Hermès scarf is sold somewhere across the globe.

Some fun facts about the scarf:

  • There are over 2000 designs for the scarfs
  • Every year 20 designs add up to this number
  • 150 extremely creative artists come up with these timeless designs
  • You can also use the scarf as a piece of art on your wall. It only needs a little frame.

From a decoration for your bag to the solution for every 'bad hair day', and as an indispensable fashion accessory, the possibilites of the Carré are endless. Shop your pre-owned-with-love piece on Designer Vintage, with a friendly price tag.