Hermès introduces a miniature bag, and we're obsessed!

25 January 2017

The house is Hermès is mostly known for their Birkin bags, classic Kelly's and timeless Carré shawls. But that doesn't mean we should stop exploring the wonderful world of Hermès. Once in a while the French fashion house introduces a new bag, and we really believe this newcomer fills in a gap in the current collection. Hermès isn't exactly known for its petite bags, even though they did introduce the Micro versions of their most popular designs. But we think this will all change with the birth of the Verrou Chaine Bag.


Little but fierce
To quote some Shakespeare: "though she be but little, she is fierce". This definitely applies to the Verrou bag. This little beauty is actually a remodelled version of the previous clutch version, which was introduced in 2010. The Verrou Chaine bag gets its characteristic look from the original lock design, and resembles those old fashioned slide locks on doors. Another unique detail is the asymmetrical front flap which further showcases the refined industrial lock.

As can be expected from the fashion house, the Verrou comes in a large variety of materials and colours. We would love to own a grey suede one!