Hermès is now selling handbags online

03 November 2016

There has always been some sort of taboo for luxury brands to sell online. Quite understandable, as selling online might affect their exclusivity and rarity, the thing that distinguishes them from regular brands. However, we've reached an era, where not selling online has become unimaginable. Hermès clearly got the memo and has released its online shop in 2001, as a pioneer in the luxury industry! A lot of things we're available, but their most favoured products weren't available yet. Luckily, Hermès has added a wide collection of handbags, including exotics!

Nothing compares to Hermès
Hermès is the most luxurious brand on the luxury market and doesn't have a direct rival brand. Their handbags are of the best quality, beautifully handcrafted and very expensive, yet still the most sought after in the world. Selling these bags online is very exceptional, definitely when you compare that to other brands that are in similar segments as Hermès. Chanel refuses to participate in the online practise (eventhough there are rumours that Chanel will enter the online market very soon) and Louis Vuitton only sells their lower-priced items, for exotics and other bags you still need to contact the store. 


Which one to choose?
Most brands are afraid of the consequences of online availability. They fear that easy access will damage their high-end designer status and as a effect customers won't be willing to pay for their brand anymore. Hermès proves that selling online doesn't affect the brand value for the customer. The exceptionality and exquisite quality of the product are enough reason to cave in. Therefore Hermès is offering a wide range of handbags online, for example the Bolide, the Garden Party, Evelyne and the very popular Lindy bag. The bags are available in multiple sizes, colours and some even in exotic leathers. 

Don't get your hopes up too high
The adding of the bags makes us 'Hermès aficionado's' really happy and we can imagine that anyone who must travel for an Hermès boutique must be over the moon. Unfortunately we're still not able to buy any of the showponies of the house, the Hermès Kelly or the Hermès Birkin bag. Maybe that would be a step too far Hermès? In the meantime, you could always take a look on Designer-Vintage, as we offer many gorgeous vintage and new Hermès pieces.