Hermès plays hard to get with the Birkin bag

01 March 2016

The luxury sector is having a tough time overall in Asia, this is partly because of the anti-extravagance regulations in China. But even though the sales of big fashion brands are slowing down in the Asian luxury market, Hermès continues to increase its sales. Hermès’ total sales have grown in both China and Japan, with sales in the latter even going up to 17%.

The mighty Birkin
But why is it that Hermès is the only brand to survive in this Asian market? This is probably due to one bag in particular: the Birkin bag. As the Birkin is really difficult to purchase, the fashion house retains its feeling of exclusivity which in return boosts sales. When you want wealthy customers to pick your piece out a thousand other options, exclusivity plays a big part. So it's safe to say that because Hermès plays hard to get with Birkin bags their sales have continued to grow.