Hermès Twilly

22 February 2016

More than a handful of fashionable people collect twillies like they do tea sets, and it’s easy to see why. These little silk ribbons spice up your outfit or accessory like nothing else does. The fact that it’s the least expensive and most readily available Hermès item helps, too. Unlike the Hermès handbags, the Twilly is relatively affordable. 

The Hermès scarf 
Hermès first introduced the traditional square silk scarves in 1937, exactly 100 years after the fashion house was founded. The design of the very first Carré scarf was based on a woodblock drawing by Robert Dumas-Hermès, a member of the Hermès family. It was made with imported Chinese silk which made the scarf twice as strong than any of the scarves available at the time and, thus, became an immediate hit. Read more about the Carré shawl in our Masterclass.

The Hermès Twilly
The Twilly is more recent venture of the French fashion house and comes in a similarly dazzling array of colors and patterns. Unlike the traditional square Hermés scarf, the Twilly is a long and narrow silk piece that can be accessorized in a variety of ways. The name Twill comes from the weaving technique which produces a strong draping fabric. Hermès hires artists to hand-design each Twilly individually and each season Hermès introduces some wonderful new designs in a wide variety of colors and prints. 

You can wear a Twilly in 7 different ways:

  • Tie it around your neck like a scarf
  • Around the wrist as a bracelet
  • Wrap it around the handles of your Birkin or Kelly bag.
  • As a belt to accessorize your favorite pair of jeans
  • Use it as headband
  • Tie it around your (straw) hat 
  • Wrap it around your Hermès bracelet


The classic wrap 
There are several ways to tie a Twilly on your bag. The most popular way to use the Twilly is to wrap it around the handles of your Hermès Birkin or Kelly bag. This does not only upgrade the look of your it-bag it will also protect the bag handles from dirt and grease and it can also soften the handle to make it more gentle for your hands.

  1. Start by placing one end of the Twilly along the handle of your bag and make a knot
  2. While holding the end firmly in place, start winding your Twilly around the handle.
  3. When your reach the end fold the remaining Twilly into a narrow strip 
  4. Make a knot with the remaining narrow strip 

For more ways to tie the Twilly check out this tutorial: